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Chattanooga branch owner Pat Jones has recently joined the 911 Restoration familyPat Jonesand he wants everyone in the community to know that he is here to help them when they need it most.

His strong background conducting property rebuilds gives him the skill set needed to successfully run the Chattanooga branch. Pat was in charge of construction and the rebuilding damaged properties for 24 years before joining 911 Restoration.

While he was working construction, he was the guy that was called after the restoration company had done their job and now he is excited to be on the other end of the process.

By being the first responder to a home or business owner in need he can really provide that support system that people need when they find themselves dealing with a disaster situation in their property.

Pat is bringing his construction team with him to the Chattanooga branch, which means he will already have a familiarity with his team that takes years to cultivate. This team mentality will not only help the business run smoothly, but it will benefit the customers on the job site.

When you discover water damage or mold growth in your household you can call Pat at 911 Restoration of Chattanooga and he will send his crew to your property right away to begin remediation efforts.

Pat Makes It All About The Customer When He Is On The Job Site

When you find yourself ankle deep in a flooded basement due to a pipe burst, Pat understands that you are going to feel pretty overwhelmed.

He wants to be the first call you make, so he can immediately put your mind at ease and let you know for certain that everything is going to be ok. Pat wants his customers to know that he is there solely to help them.

His technicians are just as attentive as he is, and when they are hired for a job they will listen to you and give you exactly what you want. By providing a free home inspection and estimate they can determine what needs to be done and they will communicate that to you in real time.

Pat wants you to “visualize your dream, and we will be there to help you.” This type of work ethic really proves to the customer just how dedicated these professionals are to providing customer satisfaction. So, call them today and they will go the extra mile to get your property back on track.

911 Restoration Lives By The Fresh Start Mentality

One thing that 911 Restoration wants to remind all their customers is thatDisaster Response Team even though they may find themselves in dire straights in the moment, there is always a fresh start right around the corner.

Pat’s background in construction gives him the ability to reimagine a mold infested kitchen into the food prep station of your dreams. He knows exactly how to rebuild a water damaged home into something safe and beautiful again.

The fresh start doesn’t just mean providing you with a newly constructed living space, it is a mindset that Pat’s whole crew embodies. They live by being grateful and humble and they hope to impart that energy to every customer they meet.

Pat doesn’t just want to work for his customers, he wants to become their friend. By building true friendships in the midst of a disaster, Pat and his team hope to also provide you with the fresh start you deserve.

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