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Fire Damage Restoration in Chattanooga

911 restoration fire cleanupWhen a fire ravages your home or business, property owners can call the fire damage restoration pros at 911 Restoration of Chattanooga and they will get service agents at their door as soon as the fire department has put out the flames.

It is incredibly important to get smoke and ash out of your home as quickly as possible after a fire, so our staff stays available 24/7/365 to take your call. Our fire damage restoration crew in Chattanooga wants you to be able to call us the moment you need help, because the longer ash sits on the property, the more damage it does.

Our fire damage restoration crew in Chattanooga are trained in state of the art techniques that are sure to restore your home or business back to looking like flames never damaged it. These services include:

  • Ash cleanup
  • Elimination of burnt possessions
  • Restoration of charred flooring
  • Smoke stain removal
  • Fire Damage Restoration restoration
  • Complete comprehensive home repair
  • Fire extinguishing chemical remediation
  • Removal of tar residue
  • Deodorization and smoke removal
  • Soot cleanup

Our fire damage restoration technicians in Chattanooga act quickly to respond to all fire and smoke disasters and will even address the water damage that is created during the extinguishing process, so call us today!

We’ve Got Your Back When It Comes To Fire and Smoke Cleanup

A fire can occur within moments, giving you no time to do anything but evacuate. When you experience a disaster such as this, the first thing you should do is call the fire department.

Once the flames have been put out, you can call our fire damage restoration pros in Chattanooga to come survey the damage and give you a free estimate.

Our fire damage restoration technicians in Chattanooga will then begin remediation services, which will address smoke damage, odor, ash, soot and water damage.

Most property owners do not think about the massive water damage that is caused from the fire extinguishers, however our fire damage restoration experts in Chattanooga are trained to remediate both fire and water damage issues.

Our fire damage restoration company in Chattanooga is literally your one-stop-shop, so call us today and we will implement comprehensive services immediately upon arrival.

Our Crews Are Here To Keep Your Property Protected Against Fire Damage

Our customers well-being is the most important thing to our fire damage restoration pros in Chattanooga, and we show this in any way we can by constantly offering the best customer service in the area.

Fire Damage Restoration Truck At Job SiteOur fire damage restoration technicians in Chattanooga know how overwhelming this situation can be and we just want to make the restoration process as easy as possible to relieve any concerns you might be having.

Our fire damage restoration experts in Chattanooga explain everything before we start any work and ensure that everyone is on the same page to limit any surprises later on down the line.

This will also reduce any financial surprises, especially since our fire damage restoration technicians in Chattanooga consistently keep affordable prices for all of our fire and smoke damage restoration services.

Call our fire damage restoration unit in Chattanooga at 911 Restoration of Chattanooga as soon as you need help and we will make sure you get the fresh start you deserve.

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