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Mold Removal in Hixson

Hixson’s muggy summers aren’t just uncomfortable. They’re also the reason for the high prevalence of mold among local properties. Frequent rain and winter storms don’t help, either, as these weather patterns often lead to the water damage that causes indoor mold. Call us at 423-308-7440 and allow us to offer you a free visual inspection.

911 Restoration of Chattanooga recognizes the need for quality mold decontamination in Hixson. That’s why they make sure all of their mold cleanup specialists are highly trained, IICRC certified, and up-to-date on safe and effective mold removal. A lot is at stake when it comes to a mold infestation. A rampant growth can destroy your carpet and sheetrock, not to mention fill the air around you with dangerous mycotoxins. It’s so important to find an expert mold remediation contractor you trust for a thorough mold inspection.

You find that high-level service with 911 Restoration. They are licensed, bonded, insured, and respected in the local community. The mold removal technicians have the support and resources of a nationwide chain while still keeping an eye on their Number One value: providing support to their neighbors. They approach your mold decontamination needs with a genuine concern for the safety of your property and every human and animal who occupies that space. You can trust that you’re more than just another job for these mold remediation workers.

A mold infestation can feel like nasty invasion in the space you’ve worked so hard to maintain. Call 911 Restoration of Chattanooga and let the friendly mold cleanup professionals help you reclaim your property. Call us at 423-308-7440 and see how we can help.


Commercial And Residential Mold Remediation In Hixson

Mold Removal Crew Working OnSite911 Restoration of Chattanooga offers both commercial and residential mold removal in Hixson. The challenges and risks associated with mold are equally important for both home and business owners. An infestation in your home could put your family’s health at risk. A colony in your business could mean trouble for your operations and, ultimately, your profits. In both cases, any delayed mold remediation is likely to result in costly structural damage.

Property owners often underestimate the damage mold can do. While it may only look like an unsightly blemish on your walls or ceiling, mold is a living organism that feeds on the surface where it lives. If you don’t act quickly to get professional mold cleanup, that infestation will destroy your wallpaper, permanently contaminate your carpet, or weaken your walls and ceiling.

That said, even if your mold infestation has gone as far as surface damages, the mold cleanup experts at 911 Restoration can help. Their mold remediation skills include damage repair. In fact, they work with the ultimate goal of making your once-contaminated property feel better than before. This means thorough mold removal and comprehensive repairs, including carpet replacement and drywall repair. They also take careful measures to fully dehumidify the structure where an infestation was discovered in an effort to prevent a recurrence of mold. They do everything they can to ensure you won’t have to call them again for mold remediation any time soon.

If you want a full recovery from mold, call 911 Restoration of Chattanooga. The mold removal crew will give you a Fresh Start. Call us at 423-308-7440.


Certified Mold Inspectors

water-damage-restoration-vans-vehiclesIt’s not uncommon for an infestation to slip a property owner’s notice without a thorough mold inspection. If you’re experiencing unexplained headaches, dizziness upon waking up, or heightened allergies, there may be a hidden colony in your home or business. A certified mold inspection contractor like 911 Restoration can track down an infestation wherever it’s hiding and create a mold decontamination strategy to set things right.

911 Restoration of Chattanooga provides a free visual mold inspection for property owners and offers professional mold testing. They take a sample of discovered mold to a third-party laboratory for scientific identification. This informs the mold decontamination strategy that follows.

Certain varieties such as black mold can be highly toxic and require the utmost care during mold removal. Once again, this is why it’s important to call on a certified mold cleanup specialist. You put yourself in grave risk when you attempt mold decontamination on your own using household supplies.

The mold removal staff at 911 Restoration are always thinking of your safety. Mold decontamination is conducted with every effort to prevent the spread of spores and toxins. They also check to ensure that mold removal has been performed thoroughly, so you can rest assured that your infestation is completely gone.

Your property may feel contaminated now, but if you call on 911 Restoration of Chattanooga, you won’t have to hold your breath much longer. Contact Hixson’s best mold remediation contractor today at 423-308-7440.

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