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Mold Removal in Ooltewah

Is there a suspicious mildew smell coming from behind your wall? Slime in your pipes? A spot of mold slowly spreading across the ceiling that leaked in a recent Chattanooga storm?

No matter why you need mold inspection and mold remediation in Ooltewah, one thing is certain. 911 Restoration of Chattanooga is your best bet for complete, compassionate service.

Starting with a free visual mold inspection for property owners, the mold remediation crew at 911 Restoration does all they can to deliver immediate peace of mind. They know that a customer in need of mold decontamination is a customer who has a lot on their mind. From health concerns to the burden of mold removal costs, an infestation comes with many worries for property owners. The mold cleanup staff at 911 Restoration does all they can to eliminate those worries.

They do this by conducting a truly complete mold inspection, careful to explore every hidden space where mold tends to thrive. They not only promise thorough mold removal, they also come prepared to repair any permanent damage your infestation may have caused. Plus, they use professional tools to fully dry out and dehumidify the structure to prevent new growth in the near future.

A mold infestation can be a cause of tremendous stress for property owners. But peace of mind is easier to find than you think. Call 911 Restoration today and let our expert mold removal technicians take every last worry away.

Comprehensive Mold Cleanup

Mold Removal Crew Working OnSiteThe process of mold remediation involves far more than basic mold removal. In order to fully move on from a mold invasion, you need a certified mold cleanup company that repairs damages and takes extra measures to prevent against new growth.

911 Restoration provides comprehensive mold removal in Ooltewah and beyond. They serve residential and commercial property owners alike, working quickly and carefully to help you put mold damage firmly in the past. Even if your mold colony is out in plain sight, our mold remediation technicians offer a free visual mold inspection for property owners. This is because mold can spread its spores throughout the property via people, pets, and through air ducts. The presence of mold in one spot could mean there’s another infestation somewhere else, especially if you’ve had recent water damage.

Your mold removal workers get rid of the infestation using professional tools. Household cleaners won’t do the job, so it’s always important to call on a certified mold decontamination crew. After mold removal, the technicians use special fans to dehumidify the structure where the growth was discovered. This is to prevent the mold from coming back.

You can also count on mold cleanup specialists to repair any damages done by the mold colony. Destruction from mold may vary widely, from ceiling stains to contaminated carpet to weakened drywall. Whatever your damage is, the mold cleanup workers at 911 Restoration are fully trained to provide professional repairs. This ensures that your home or business is left in top condition without the need for additional contractors.

Ultimately, the mold removal staff at 911 Restoration wants to help you turn mold contamination into an opportunity for a Fresh Start. Call today and get ready to breathe easy again.

Toxic Mold Inspection In Ooltewah

Disaster Restoration Van And Technician At Commercial Job LocationIf you suspect you have an infestation, contact a certified mold inspection company like 911 Restoration immediately. There are many reasons to act fast when it comes to mold, but the most important reason is your health.

Certain varieties of mold can be highly toxic. The most infamously dangerous type of mold is black mold. You can experience side effects as serious as heart problems if you’re living with black mold on your walls, behind your walls, on your ceiling, in your shower, or anywhere else on your property. In this situation, prompt mold decontamination is absolutely essential to protect your own wellbeing.

The mold remediation crew at 911 Restoration take a sample of discovered growth to a third-party laboratory for mold testing. This step ensures that both you and your mold cleanup workers know exactly what type of infestation you’re dealing with. This way, you have the peace of mind that comes with unbiased, scientific testing. Your mold removal crew has the information they need to devise the safest and most effective mold remediation strategy.

In every stage of mold remediation, you can count on 911 Restoration of Chattanooga to be a true ally. From your initial suspicion to the final stages of mold removal and repair, you’ll find that these specialists treat you like a valued neighbor.

Don’t settle for less than compassionate, expert care. Call 911 Restoration of Chattanooga for mold decontamination today.

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